Was Six-Legged Deer Misdiagnosed?

You don’t see this everyday. In Everett Springs, Georgia, a young fawn was found with
injuries it sustained after being attacked by two dogs. The strange thing was, the
fawn had four rear legs – six legs total. And two distinct pelvises.


The sextiped was taken to an animal clinic in West Rome, where clinic staff had
the following to say about the unusual deer: “It is really an anomaly,” said West
Rome Animal Clinic veterinarian Dan Pate. “It appears it had an identical twin that
didn’t form all the way.”

It certainly is an anomaly, but we’re not convinced the cause can be attributed to
an identical twin that didn’t form. In the September 2005 issue of Deer &
Deer Hunting
, Editor Dan Schmidt — at the time writing about an eight-legged
fawn found at the scene of a roadkill in Lacrosse, Wisconsin — interviewed one Dr.
Glenn Olsen of Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Maryland. According to that D&DH
editorial, “multi-legged animal abnormalities are usually the result of a bizarre
genetic coding, rather than the fusing of two embryos.”

Whatever the cause, the little fella sure gets along good despite his condition. See
video here

Source: Rome