Web Pro Staff Field Report: Doe Bleating

Submitted by Chris
, D&DH Web Pro Staffer

was bow-hunting tonight and on four occasions had does cruise past my stand bleating
their heads off. I think there were at least three different deer, although one of
the sightings was possibly the same doe twice. Two of them I could only hear in the
brush; I couldn’t actually see them. But one of them was a very young deer, and I
could tell by the tone of the bleat that it was a young deer. The other one that I
could actually see was a bigger, more mature doe, and just by her bleat she sounded
more mature. They sounded just like that heat bleat call that’s on the market the
last couple of years. I bought one last year and watched the little DVD that came
with it: The footage was of some does actually making that bleat. Anyway, these does
tonight all sounded just like that, so if indeed what I heard was some sort of “heat
bleat,” they must be in that second rut now.

— Chris Kleist