West Nile Map Shows Spread of Disease

Last month when we wrote about West Nile and its spread across the country, reports still were coming in about locations and impact.

At that time, just a couple of weeks ago, the statistics showed a high number of cases in the Dallas and north Texas area. But now, it appears the southern Mississippi, Louisiana and a big area in the Midwest are experiencing dramatic increases in reported cases.

This map from the Centers for Disease Control gives an updated look, through Sept. 4, of the reported cases. It’s interesting that the Rockies and Pacific Northwest, the Northeast and portions of the southern Appalachian states aren’t affected as greatly (or at all).

Reports will continue to come in for the next few months about this summer’s outbreak of West Nile, considered the worst since the virus was discovered in the U.S. Be sure to check these reminders about how to plan ahead if you’re doing outdoors work or are hunting, and take care of yourself.