What a Difference a Year Makes for Monster 183-inch Buck

Dr. Jeffry Lusk pretty much planned things out but, as we know, making plans when you’re dealing with big white-tailed bucks is kind of like building a bridge with twigs.

Dr. Jeffrey Lusk with his Mississippi River island 183-inch 16-point buck.

Dr. Jeffrey Lusk with his Mississippi River island 183-inch 16-point buck.

Everything can go right and you get a gorgeous twig bridge. Or you do one thing wrong and it collapses. Ditto with dealing with wary bucks that you’ve been watching for a while on game cameras.

Lusk’s plans and hopes paid off, though, with his giant 183-inch Mississippi River island hunting club buck. The stud weighed 235 pounds and has 16 points on a thick rack with big bases and mass through the tips.
Lusk and his family have a club of about 5,000 acres on a 20,000-acre island in the river. Deer aren’t penned or pet deer, either. They swim the river and it’s all free range. His family manages their lease and keeps up with bucks and does through game cameras.

“We knew about this deer and decided a year ago after studying photos of him from trail cameras to give him another year because we saw his potential,” Lusk told Louisiana Sportsman magazine. “He was a 14-point a year ago and would have probably scored in the 140s. My cousin saw him twice a year ago and another cousin saw him this summer in velvet and realized how much he’d grown over the past year.”

That’s an understatement. The buck rough-scored at 183-plus inches! Check out the full details of the hunt in Louisiana Sportsman.