The Biggest Buck of 2011? Mystery Shrouds 200-Inch Swamp Buck

















What killed this 200-inch swamp buck?

That’s the question that everyone will be asking about this incredible buck found after ice-out this spring.

The story that goes along with the emails is that the buck was allegedly found dead this spring behind a rural Walmart in northeast Wisconsin. Local hunters had pictures and sheds from this buck a few years ago, and then it just disappeared. Now they know where it went. But how did it meet its demise?

Most estimates put the nontypical rack at well above 200 inches.

Too bad the hunters didn’t get a crack at the deer during hunting season. Fewer than two percent of all Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young certified entries score more than 200 inches, so the 200 Club is a very small, but elite group of  hunters.

In fact, the club is so elite there is now an official group formed for hunters who harvest 200-inch deer with a bow. It’s called the Muzzy 200 Club Monster Buck Display. The 200 Club highlights an elite group of 12 bowhunters who have harvested a whitetail buck that scored more than 200 net inches with a Muzzy broadhead.

The 200 Club display includes six life-size, full-body mounts in action poses with habitat bases and four rotating pedestal mounts in attitude poses. Details of each buck have been captured including harvest data, equipment list, the original Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young score sheet, the story of the hunt told by the hunter himself, trail cam photos, and harvest photos.

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