What State is Limiting or Eliminating Antlerless Deer Licenses?

Deer management plans sometimes call for drastic measures, and sometimes that includes putting the kibosh on some of the hunting opportunities for the public.

Management isn’t always easy, nor is it always fun. It’s work. Sometimes it means making tough choices.

Montana’s Fish & Wildlife Commissioners recently adopted a number of new regulations that will be in effect for the next two hunting seasons.

Montana deerHere’s a summary of the most significant adjustments to the 2014 and 2015 hunting seasons:

— most general mule deer seasons will be limited to the harvest of antlered bucks.
— eliminated all antlerless mule deer B licenses—except to address special game damage and management needs identified after spring surveys.
— authorized use of site specific mule deer B licenses if spring deer surveys reveal strong populations.
— eliminated antlerless white-tailed deer B licenses in Regions 4, 5 and 6—except in hunting district 599-00 where the population exceeds the long term average.

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Deer hunters who pursue elk also should be aware of several changes for the upcoming elk season:
—hunters holding an antlerless elk B license in many Region 1 and 2 hunting districts will no longer be allowed to take a bull elk in those districts.
— eliminated many antlerless elk B licenses in specific hunting districts in Region 4 and 5, to be replaced with B licenses valid throughout the regions.
— added general, antlerless elk hunting in most Region 4 hunting districts.
— added general, spike-elk hunting to most Region 5 hunting districts.
— reduced antlerless harvest on private lands in Region 2.




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