What’s Wrong With This Deer?


Please take a look at this deer. Do you know what is wrong with it? I am concerned
that this might spread to the rest of the heard or that this could wipe them out.
I have not seen this buck before but my fear is great. I am an avid hunter and i have
never seen this before. please help!

Thank you, Jim Sutton, D&DH subscriber, Spokane, WA

Dear Jim,

Thanks for the note. This buck has papilloma tumors. They are benign and do not affect
other deer. I have seen these quite often in whitetails across the country over the
years. They are caused by a viral infection, cannot be transmitted to humans, and
are very seldom injurious to the inflicted deer. However, when they grow on the facial
area, they can become so numerous that they will affect a deer’s eyesight. The viral
infection usually runs it course, and the tumors fall off. Kind of like warts in humans.

The papillomas also do not affect the venison. They come off with the hide during
the skinng process.

Hope this info helps.