When Deer Attack! (And Man Files Suit)

This story from the Left Coast definitely comes near to the “can’t make this up” category, although the California Department of Fish and Game is taking it seriously.

More eyes may have been rolled in the DFG offices than trees with toilet paper after a high school football game. According to the Marin Independent, A 58-year old man from Bolinas, Tadeusz Wyrzykowski, claims a deer jumped over his yard’s fence and “attacked me (twice) on a narrow path.”

Wyrzykowski is suing the DFG, claiming it “mismanaged” the animal. He wrote his own complaint for the court and said during the attack, “I fell into a window pane. A shred of glass imbeded [sic] in my right foot.”

He went on to say the DFG “owns that animal, manages it and is responsible for the diversified use of it.”

“CDFG mismanaged negligently its animal its claims & duties,” the filing stated. “As a direct result, I suffered trauma, pain and lasting injury, compromising my health till present.”

DFG declined to comment to the Independent. We’ll keep you updated on the autumn case hearing.

Read the full report here.