Whitetail Freak Shed Antler? Check Out This Giant!

Whitetail Freak Antler Shed

This shed antler photo has been making its way across the Internet today.

Have you seen this whitetail deer antler shed photo? It has been rocketing across the Internet this morning.

We do know where or when this photo was taken, and we are only speculating that it is, indeed, from a whitetail. Although it has split G-2s and G-3s, the configuration appears to be more from a whitetail than a mule deer.

Is the shed from a wild deer or a pen-raised whitetail freak? We don’t know, but it certainly is one incredible animal nonetheless.

The angle in the photo likely makes the antler appear slightly bigger than it would be in real life, there’s no doubting this single shed grosses well over 100 inches.

If you recognize the man in the photo or have information on where and when this shed was found, please click REPLY below and add your insights.