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Who’s #1 When It Comes to Deer Hunting?

White-tailed deer

We all love to hunt deer, and we all think it doesn’t get any better than our home turf. But, really, who is No. 1 when it comes to deer and deer hunting?

Well, as they say, when Texans does something, they do it big.

We’ve just finished compiling our annual state-by-state statistics for the Deer Hunters Almanac, and we’ve learned that Texas ranks No.1 in the number of deer hunters, gun-hunters and annual whitetail harvest in the United States.

We’ve been compiling these stats since 1991, and the top spot for all of those categories has changed slightly over the years. For a time, Michigan led the nation in total hunters and bowhunters, and Wisconsin once led the nation in annual deer harvest. Declines in both hunter numbers and deer harvests, however, have shifted the rankings southward.

In 2010, Texas sold 1,245,532 deer hunting licenses. Those hunters took 576,209 whitetails. Of those hunters, nearly 1.1 million are gun-hunters.

Ohio, thanks in large part to the fact that crossbow hunters are included in the archery season, has the most bow-hunters in the nation with 317,400.

Here’s a look at the Top 3 for each category:

Total deer hunters:
1. Texas
2. Pennsylvania
3. Michigan

Annual deer harvest:
1. Texas
2. Michigan
3. Wisconsin

Harvest by bowhunters:
1. Ohio
2. Michigan
3. Pennsylvania

For a complete rundown of each state, be sure to pick up your copy of the Deer Hunters’ Almanac.

6 thoughts on “Who’s #1 When It Comes to Deer Hunting?

  1. Big mike

    K Shunter I understand what your saying, it is all good no matter where your from. I know its about the numbers and we need more deer hunters( more) now than ever. as far as deer #’s I would rather see deer Quality than Quantity. hope that does’nt sound like i’m a trophy hunter Because i’m not’ But i do like to shoot BIG DEER.

  2. rich

    So what if Texas had the most hunters, it also got a bigger population than most of the states mentioned and land mass well more land should account for more deer.
    Wisconsin has a lot of deer, but we shot off a lot during the CWD scare so now the numbers are a little down.

  3. KShunter

    Big mike its all good kansas didnt make the list either but we both know our states produce studs but to me this survey is about how many number of hunters not the best places to hunt and you need to look at populations in all states are different whether or not this was accounted for or not i am sure it was but when it comes to record bucks you never know where you are going to find them but i do know kansas is solid by deer i have taken and that buddies have taken and sheds that have been found i my self have taken a 180 in deer and 160 with bow and got a buddy that has taken more trophy deer then most guys will ever see in there lifes and there are several 200 plus in deer taken each season where i live in the northeast part of the state

  4. big mike

    I see indiana is not on your list. and thats ok! But man do we have big deer here in my neck of the woods. and thats good enough for me.

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