Wisconsin: Firearms, Bows, Crossbows May Be Uncased in Vehicles

by Ben Sobieck, online editor

Wisconsin no longer requires firearms, bows or crossbows to be cased in vehiclesA law signed earlier this month by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker repeals restrictions that used to require firearms and bows to be cased while inside vehicles. It is now in effect throughout the entire state.

The law comes with some caveats, as detailed here on the Wisconsin Legislature’s website:

* Firearms must be unloaded (exception for handguns)
* The bow does not have an arrow nocked
* Crossbows must be unloaded
* Firearms may be loaded in a motor vehicle provided it is not moving

It should be noted that hunting from a motor vehicle is still prohibited. However, hunting from a "stationary nonmotorized vehicle that is not attached to a motor vehicle" is allowed. An example would be a trailer.

The law does not make exceptions for all-terrain vehicles. They are governed as motor vehicles the same way as trucks, SUVs and cars.

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