Wisconsin to Vote on X-Bow Use


photo courtesy of TenPoint Crossbows

By Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor

In two weeks, Wisconsin sportsmen will be asked for their input on a potential RULE-CHANGE that
would allow the use of crossbows during the state’s regular archery season.

The vote, which is only advisory to the state’s reg-setting agency, will at least
provide the rule-makers with some guidance. Such votes usually signal when or if rules
are changed.

The crossbow issue divides many hunters. Some believe crossbows are good tools to
get more hunters in the woods. Others believe they should not be lumped in with regular
archery equipment because the crossbow offers too easy of a learning curve.

My thoughts? I’ve shot crossbows many times at shooting ranges, and, yes, they can
provide a novice with a short learning curve at distances of 25 yards and less. Hunting-wise,
crossbows are still a one-and-done proposition; one shot and that’s all you’re going
to get. I can shoot my compound bow much faster — and longer distances — with broadheads
than I can a crossbow. My dad, who has a disability, has shot a crossbow since 1999.
He never bow-hunted before shooting a crossbow, but he has ever since. I cannot put
a value on what that has meant to him and us. Just seeing him enjoy the September
and October woods while deer hunting has been priceless.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the “crossbows during bow season” topic.
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2 thoughts on “Wisconsin to Vote on X-Bow Use

  1. Jmc

    We all were at one time full of _iss and vinager so in our later years the option of a croos bow is a good thing. I am 57 and my son a wopping 31 and says to me you gonna hunt with a cross bow when you get older and i said you bet because if i can not pull a compound back then you will have to hunt alone..His answer was let me know when your ready and i will buy your first crossbow. How precious that time is with our family and friends in the woods. And knowing that a family member has all the years left to experience that at one time made our hearts beat loudly.

  2. Carl

    I have hunted with a compound bow for 25 years and enjoyed the warm weather and winter hunts here in Michigan. When I hit 50 my eye sight got to the bifocal stage and I could no longer see through my peep sight. The deer would blend away into the brown beans and I could no longer make a responsible shot. Faced with giving up bow hunting like my older brothers, I was torn. Michigan passed the use of crossbows and I am back in the tree again. Just because you have a piece of equipment that can make the shot, doesn’t mean you need to take the shot. I love hunting in October because it is warm and the bucks are moving alot around here. I let 5 or 6 bucks walk every year because I can see another one tomarrow. If I wait until gun season all you see is road hunters and running deer from all the activity in the woods. Let us old guys and young kids starting out enjoy the woods with you bow hunters. We are more likely to be the responsible ones taking a shot anyway. Just in the last month I have seen on TV, 2 different so called professionals take a 100 yard shot with the compound bow. Definitely not responsible! I can shoot 30 yards with my crossbow. Am I going to shoot and kill or maim deer or is the compound shooters? Let everyone have a chance to hunt in the warm weather. A kid sitting on a stump freezing is not going to stay with the sport and us old guys don’t like the cold either.

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