Women Gettin’ in the Outdoors

You’d think after years of the Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshops that it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that – gasp! – women actually enjoy hunting, shooting, fishing and being outdoors.

Shooting instruction is just one of many activities at BOW workshops held throughout the United States.

It always seems whenever a media outlet picks up on the interest of women and the outdoors that it’s some kind of startling revelation.

“Women? Outdoors? Not gardening or hiking? They’re actually shooting guns and bows and learning about camping and enjoying it?”

Well, blow us over like a feather. It’s true! Just like it has been for decades, and for the last 20 years of the BOW workshops that were organized in Wisconsin. Women still are fighting the ignorant macho attitudes of men – and some women – who simply can’t believe they would enjoy being outdoors instead of cooped up at some nail salon or laying on the beach.

Kudos to Fox News for giving some space for this nice story about the Florida BOW sessions in Ocala.

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