World-Class Buck Killed in Ohio

Photo of world record-class buck

Ronnie Stevens killed this Ohio buck Oct. 18, 2011. It appears to be a typical 11-point just over 196 inches, which should net roughly 189. Stevens killed the buck with a Parker Blackhawk compound bow.

This deer has the potential to make the top 16 Boone and Crockett typicals in the world.

80 thoughts on “World-Class Buck Killed in Ohio

  1. Jason

    Awsome Buck! Thats a deer of a lifetime! I heard this was taken around the central ohio area! Will this mount be in the deer and turkey show this year? Im sure alot of us would like to see this in person!

  2. Mark

    What a giant. This is what fuels us all to keep getting up early and spending time in a tree. Fantastic Buck! The guy from Ky or wherever you are from. You should not speak or use a computer and especially carry any kind of weapon. Maybe noodle fishing with you hand in the winter is best for you!!!!!

  3. Adam S.

    Way to go Ronnie! I’m gonna have to get a look at him when you mount him up. 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll have one for you this year.
    Amazing what is hiding in the urban areas of C-bus…. 😀
    Boob, please…(Sorry, BOB), You need to stop making comments like that about people you do not even know, people like you are NOT the kind of people that should even be in the woods.
    Good luck to all.

  4. austin

    dang u were at the right place at the right time i’ve dreamed of getting a deer like that congrats.

  5. Keith

    Nice buck, did you get him over bait or did you HUNT him? There aren’t many of them left out there with everyone shooting the first thing that comes along. If people would actually get out and scout an animal rather than setting the table ,and risking the health of your deer(CWD,and TB).When you bait you open the door for the LAZY person who really hasn’t put in his time. Once again great buck stay safe.

  6. Jon

    Congratulations Ron on a terrific buck! P.S. Does anybody know if there is a hunting season for Bob " The Jealous Idiot Inbred Hill-Jack" from Kentucky? Hopefully, it is open year-round with no closed season and no daily bag limit !

  7. Carl from Springfield

    Alan, What a super buck. You have hunted hard for a long time and you deserve a monster like this. I just can’t get over the size of that deer. Way to go…………..

  8. michael schurle

    Ronnie Thats A BBD Awsome man! I dream i take one like that in kansas this year. Great job!

  9. Ray from Bama

    First, & foremost: Congratulations Ron!!! You earned it !!!
    Second: Bob, you are a damn insult to every person in this country that loves hunting for what it is. I am 39yrs old, & this is just my third year hunting. Only got me 1 buck with a bow, & it was a spike. Guess what? I am ok with that. I want that trophy like every other hunter does. However, i am not going to make false statements, or talk bad about another person because they got the 1 i would love to have. Instead you should be glad that bucks like Rons are still out there, & that he is willing to share his experience with us. However, i have to ask myself why you are saying these things about Ron… The only conclusion i can come up with is a guilty dog barks first…..


  10. jim roution

    Buck of the woods! nice job Ron This buck must ate alot of buckeyes,! Like to have seen his Dad,keep up the good work,in watch the wind.

  11. Sgt.Schiera U.S.M.C.

    Thanks Ron for posting that WOOPER ,All of us BOW HUNTERS from Illinois CONGRAULATE YOU. HEY! Bob why don’t you change your name to SLOP my Marine Corp League would eat you alive punk! IL. Bow Hunters Club

  12. Dean

    RE:Bob. I won’t judge you or anyone, not to totally defend Bob, but he did not say he killed the buck in KY, just that if he is from. It is a nice buck no doubt! Who knows??

  13. dave

    nice job!…I also arrowed a nice buck in Ohio, 163 3/8 on sept. 25th thjis year! ..hunting with TnT outfitters!..great job again! ron!

  14. Don W.

    VERY nice! Hope you grab a record spot for your efforts.
    Congrats Ronnie !!
    P.S. Where the heck are the moderators of these post to keep ppl. like Boob, ooops Bob, from posting junk like that.

  15. Doug

    People like Bob are the reason there are so many unposted trophies out there. A guy goes out, puts the time in scouting, placing cameras, checking camera, preparing, then lives in his stand till it pays off and one of the first comments he recieves when he posts his trophy is that he is a cheat and a poach. To ronnie, congrats man i couldnt imagine seeing a beast like that in the woods and being able to keep my composure and make a good shot, especialy with my bow!

  16. scotty lamb

    Now thats a wall hanger !!!! CONGRATS nice buck !! hopeing to see something like that in indiana where i hunt lol but who knows 🙂

  17. Vern

    Awesome buck Ronnie, great job..Most hunters never see a buck like that in a lifetime let alone get a chance to harvest one.By the way Bob, do you have a map you could send me of Shawnee area…. lol You sound like a bitter person kinda like the folks that ruined the Mitch Rampola buck.

  18. DeanBradfield

    Outstanding deer and sounds as if Bob is a bit jealous. Be happy for the success of other hunters – we need to stick together.

  19. Kentucky_Jim

    Nicest buck I’ve seen in 55 years of hunting. Great job Ronnie. Bob, I hope you are not from KY. If you are, you are nothing but a cry baby insult to all of us. Get a life creep.

  20. William Huston

    Are you sure you didn’t live in Jersey and shoot that in Colorado while hunting in Brazil? Just checking. LOL. Awesome deer!! One question. After the adrenalin slowed (which it probably won’t for a while) did you stop and think, "how the heck am I getting this thing outta here?" Hope you had a quad… a BIG quad!! Congrats from Kansas.

  21. Pastor Ted

    Ronnie, the good Lord truly blessed you my brother in harvesting one of His magnificent creatures,keep smiling & remember "the joy of the Lord is your strength" Awesome Whitetail Wonder !

  22. Pat Moody

    Good job smokin’ the big boy Ronnie. That’s why one of my son’s buddies who went to live in Texas wants to come back to the Buckeye. They may have nice racks, but are not near as big as Ohio deer. Keep the arrows flyin’ guy.

  23. Colin cadorette

    Wow this its one of the nicest bucks I’ve seen in a while! Its a deer of a life time.most hunters will l never even see a deer of this caliber!

  24. mick

    congratulations Ron on your harvest of a buck of a lifetime. way to go bro… to BOB why dont you congrats the guy on his harvest insted making sarcastic remarks about him, looks like he acomplished what you can only dream about ill send you some tissue. if you aint got anything good to say about Ron then dont say nothing at all. again congrats Ron way to go.

  25. Scoop

    Great buck, holy cow, congrats, but am not a fan of the arm’s outstretched photo look either whether it’s big fish or big game. Can make a 10-inch bluegill look like it’s 5 pounds if you want, but what’s the point? A trophy that big doesn’t need the wide angle, reach as far as you can look, to impress.


    Thanks to all that stuck up for me and yes its a urban deer and all the pics will be out soon (trail cam day and night pics ) so on and on and I hope I didnt max out I thought that last year with my 184 non typical also with parker bow. thanks everyone

  27. Brian

    Awesome buck Ronnie congrats. Bob your an idiot who should not be allowed to speak or use a computer.

  28. Brandon n Bama

    Awsome specimen Ron, for sure a once in a lifetime.
    Brenda, don’t know what part of the state you are from,
    come to NW Bama sometime! Glad people are still telling &
    believing that our deer are small, keep it going!

  29. Steve Knasko

    OMG!! Awesome Buck Congrats to you. Just to see a buck like that in the wild would be awesome. What a momster!

  30. hunter

    Nice buck, but why is he pushing the head forward that much. look at the size of his hand. I guess I just have to wait ’till I get to see it at the deer&turkey expo.

  31. melissa

    my cousin is not a poacher. He is a true hunter. All the haters out there are jealous because he can get something that big. Congrats Cuz. Nicest buck I’ve seen

  32. Stanley Chance

    This is why we go out in the woods. We are allways hoping for somthing like this. Great jop Ronnie; with a bow is never easy. I have four big bucks with a bow on my wall in md. Congratulation.

  33. Tippy

    OMG are you sure that’s not part moose ? It’s beautiful. Hope I can get one half that size this year. Congrats!

  34. Erik

    Very nice buck congratulations Ron. And to the moron with the stick up his butt. Get a life. Why be a poor sport. Jealousy is an ugly color even on the stupid.

  35. Brad

    What a buck! Congrats brother! I gotta say say I love to see a fellow Parker shooter holding some serious headgear. That slobasaurus makes my 170 look tiny lol… Keep living the dream!! Congrats again.

  36. Tom

    I would have passed on shooting this buck. Heck, next year he coud have been a 400 incher 36 pointer…LOL..kidding for sure…Very, very nice deer. Congrats..and Im jealous. You just maxed out Ron, if you live to be a 100 you will never out do this one..WOW

  37. brenda

    Way to go Ronnie!
    Beautiful rack…post a pic when you get this big boy mounted. Our deer in Alabama are not that big.

  38. Garrett

    Thats a very nice buck (: Wish i could get something like that… iv been huntin for 7 years now and killed 9 deer not missed on yet. lol

  39. sage

    nice deer! congrats. @bob. what on gods green earth are u talkin about. where does a random backwards comment like that come from. "ill just assume he is in KY since its says KY and all, and then accuse him of bein a cheater" EARTH TO BOB ky doesn’t have deer like that at all and y do u think someone would be as stupid as too post a poached deer on the internet?!? but congrats Ron!

  40. Mike

    Bob, I am surprised you are so quick to accuse someone. Please double check your facts. If you do any research at all, you will find out he was shot in Columbus. Please stop making ignorant posts.

  41. JeffREY

    I got sewing-machine-leg just looking at that buck & @ Bad Bob – get a life, the guy just did something we dream of and you crawl up his arse – go get our KY’s finest to drown yourself (more)

  42. Rob

    bob…don’t know where your comment came from…it doesn’t mention anything about Kentuckey! Sounds like a little bit of jealousy to me. Congrats to Ronnie on a great buck! By the way Bob, your ignorance is reflected in your writing…get a life!!

  43. Slim

    @Bob … where do you get any facts to back up your accusation? Why can’t you just congratulate a successful hunter and keep your sour grape attitude to yourself.

  44. Big mike

    Holy Moly…. Now thats one of the nicest bucks i’ve seen in a while. and with a bow. Good job Ron.

  45. bob

    if this guy lives in ky,he and his budies have been illeagally hunting the shawnee national forst and private land for years so congrats on your deer cheater

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