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Would You Shoot this Buck?

I hope to some day have the patience (and whitetail encounters) that longtime Deer & Deer Hunting contributor Richard P. Smith has had during his many years in the woods. Richard has been providing fellow Stump Sitters with fascinating insights on mature behavior since the magazine’s inception in 1977.

This video clip from Saskatchewan is no exception. Richard filmed this deer hunting video in Canada last November while hunting with Proudfoot Creek Outfitters. Believe it or not, he passed on shooting this Booner buck during the first day of his hunt. After reviewing the footage that evening, he returned to the same stand the next day and decided to pull the trigger on his Remington .30-06.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20. The question for today, is: Could you pass up the biggest deer of your life in hope of something bigger showing up? Also, what do you think this buck grosses on the B&C scoring system? I happen to know the answer, and will share that in a future post!

3 thoughts on “Would You Shoot this Buck?

  1. Huntin' Buddy

    My guess is 150-155. Early in a Canada hunt I might pass.It’s disappointing to me that it’s all about film today,though. Everyone has to film their hunts,and a shot can’t be taken until or unless the cameraman says it’s ok.Or in this case,until further review. It used to be the hunt was the thing,and shot selection was based on the hunter’s in-the-moment desicion.

  2. Kurt

    That is a good buck! I think it would score around 155-160. If I flew or drove to Canada even if I had a bigger one on the wall that one would go home with me…even on the first day!

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