Wounded Warrior Bills Pass California Committee

California Senate Bills 1287 and 1288 have passed the Senate Natural Resources & Water Committee without any opposition and would allow the Department of Fish and Game to issue reduced cost sport fishing and hunting licenses to recovering active duty wounded warriors.

“I am extremely pleased that my colleagues have demonstrated their dedication to wounded members of the military by unanimously passing SB 1287 and SB 1288 out of committee today,” said Sen. Tom Harman (R-Huntington Beach). “These measures will ensure that active duty military personnel who have service and combat related injuries are eligible for the same reduced cost sport fishing and hunting license as our disabled veterans.”

Current law allows DFG to issue reduced cost sport fishing and hunting licenses to disabled military veterans. However, those in uniform who remain in active service and who are participating in therapy for their injuries are currently not covered by present law and thus not recognized by DFG. Senate bills 1287 and SB 1288 remedy this disparity and allow DFG to recognize veterans and wounded warriors equitably.

Wounded Warrior programs are operated by the United States Armed Services to care for active duty service members during their long transition from service and combat-related injury to civilian life or back to their units. A significant part of the healing process for wounded warriors is enabling and encouraging them to experience some of the recreational activities they enjoyed prior to their injury or illness.

The legislation now goes to the Senate Appropriations Committee.