Wyoming to Add Freedom Revolver as State Firearm?

Several years ago on a handgun-only hunt at White Oak Plantation in Alabama, I was fortunate enough to be in camp with some guys shooting the Freedom Arms revolver in .454 Casull.

The Freedom Arms Model 83

Holy cow, what a gun. Beautiful lines, powerful, designed to fit a shooter’s hand and with a Western look that said, “Yes, you’re damn right I’m a revolver and proud of it.” Freedom Arms founder Bob Baker was there and enjoyed being around fellow handgun hunters.

I never shot the .454 but I enjoyed watching the guys who did. They loved their Freedom Arms guns. Discussed them, talked about their (mostly minor) modifications, the grip, optics or open sights, ammo and so on.

I’ve always wanted one and never have pulled the trigger, so to speak. Maybe one day.

If I do, the Freedom Arms Model 83 I’d select could very well be designated as the “state firearm” for Wyoming. According to this story, a Glenrock, Wyo., legislator (who is a shooting supply dealer, cool!) is pushing hard to get it done.

“It’s one of the best guns made, high quality,” said Rep. Richard Cannady, R-Glenrock. “It’s nothing out here that somebody would absolutely just go out and start shooting people with. It’s made more for protection from bears and stuff like that, and hunting.”

Check out the full story here.

— Alan Clemons, Southern Managing Editor