Yes, Stabbed in the Head With a Deer Antler

A man accused of burglary got a little more than he bargained for when a homeowner confronted him and then took a shot to the head during a scuffle.

The Spokesman-Review reported that a Spokane (Wash.) homeowner heard a disturbance in the garage near his home and found a man with a flashlight. The homeowner said Matthew Marcotte, 53, was rummaging through his garage and came out with some items, then dropped them after the homeowner asked what was going on.

Witnesses, including the unidentified homeowner’s son, said the two got into a fight and Marcotte allegedly stabbed the homeowner in the forehead with a deer antler. The homeowner was injured but responsive to police, who arrested Marcotte on charges of first-degree armed burglary. He’d also been arrested in September on an assault charge.