You Can’t Make This Up: Facebook Post Leads to Deer Jerky Sting

You’ve heard these stories before: Someone posts something they probably should keep to themselves on Facebook and then finds they are in hot water. But how about this; Facebook post leads to sting, leads to arrest, and leads to … illegal jerky?

According to a report by WMCTV, a former deputy is facing charges after authorities say they caught him in an undercover bust. He wasn’t trying to sell drugs or weapons, but jerky.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officers caught Josh King, a former Warren County deputy and a current bail bondsman, advertising deer jerky for sale on his Facebook page.

In Tennessee, selling or purchasing any wildlife is illegal, so investigators organized an undercover buy and say they caught King with three bags of white-tailed deer jerky.

“I guess people should be aware that what they put on their Facebook page can sometimes get them in trouble,” a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer told the reporters.