Young Hunter Scores With Two Muzzleloader Deer!

Cale Myers probably isn’t as tall, or much taller, than the muzzleloader he used to kill two deer during Michigan’s season.

The 5-year old was hunting with his father as part of the state’s Mentor Program that helps young hunters learn from their elders. Cale and his father, Chad, hit the woods after many hours at the shooting range, where the youngster became familiar and comfortable with his muzzleloader he used on the hunt.

Just before Christmas, they went out for a hunt and a doe came within range. Cale dispatched her, and the next day they returned for an afternoon hunt. That’s when he scored on his first buck.

Check out the full story in the Goshen News from outdoor writer Louie Stout about Cale’s big hunt. Congrats, Cale!