Young Louisiana Hunter Scores Another Big Buck!

Miller Holt may not be able to buy the actual tickets, but he should start picking lottery numbers for his family and friends.

The 6-year old big buck hunter killed a 169-plus Louisiana monster last autumn as part of his family’s trio of big bucks. They’ve hunted the property for about 20 years and have killed some good ones, but three in just a few weeks by young Miller, along with his father Tim and uncle Bo Holt, was pretty cool.

Now, according to Louisiana Sportsman, Miller’s done it again!

Hunting just before Christmas with his father, they sat in a box stand since the weather was rainy. Despite the rut going pretty strong, young Miller couldn’t help but to doze off. (Hunters never do that in a box blind, do they? Naaaa …). When the big buck walked out behind a doe, Tim nudged Miller, who made a great shot.

The Pelican State whitetail had a 23-inch inside spread and scored 149 6/8 inches! Add that to the 500 inches that Miller, Tim and Bo scored earlier this season and the three hunters have some new space to clear on the wall for shoulder mounts!

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