Youth Hunter Bags Giant Buck in Iowa

Nick Mattly with The Big 9 he shot with his muzzleloader while hunting with his dad.

by Mike Mattly

There’s nothing more satisfying than bagging a buck that you know is roaming your property, especially when it’s one that you’ve seen many times. It’s even more sweet when that buck steps in front of your son. I had the good fortune of having this happen to me during a late-season muzzleloader hunt here in Iowa.

We had been watching this buck since he was in velvet last summer. We have several Moultrie trail cam pics of him 100 yards from where my son Nick shot him. In fact, we came to know this deer so well that we had dubbed him “The Big 9.”

The wind finally switched from the northwest, and we set up to hunt an old clover plot. At 5:15 p.m., eight does, four bucks and the Big 9 showed up at 100 yards broadside.

Nick made a good shot with his 50-caliber Knight Extreme muzzleloader. The Big 9 made it about 150 yards before piling up.