International Council Defends Big Game Hunts

The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation has defended recent hunts by the King Juan Carlos of Spain and Donald Trump’s sons, saying legal hunting has economic benefits and increases attention on conservation.

The international hunters’ group is meeting in Cape Town, Africa, this week. King Carlos was blasted for going hunting when, according to his detractors, he should have been home working on the financial problems. Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr., were roasted by anti-hunting groups and a celebrity website seeking nothing more than hits and attention with its inflamatory, idiotic stories.

“I can’t comment on the king himself, but in Botswana in general, elephant hunting – not poaching, hunting – is sustainable and even more elephants should be shot if you’re looking at the population dynamics,” said ICGWC director general Tamas Marghescu at a press conference.

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