One of the Best Must-Have Tools for Your Deer Camp

Looking for a fast and easy way to cook a venison meal? Of course, because eating well at home is one thing but eating like the hunting kings we are at deer camp absolutely is a different ball of wax.

Right? Right!

Check out the following video from Must Have Outdoors. Simple, wholesome ingredients —venison, veggies and broth, basically — and 45 minutes of just waiting for the CanCooker to steam.

If you’re ready to try it yourself, check out the CanCooker. This is large enough to make a lot of food for camp, family or maybe a church cookout. But you also can reduce the amount of ingredients if you just need enough for three or four folks. You can whip up a great roast or venison stew with no problem.

“The CanCooker is the ideal product for deer camp, or just people on the go,” says Dan Schmidt, DDH Editor-in-Chief. “I really like the ease of use. Dump in your contents, snap on the lid, let it cook for a short amount of time (usually less than an hour, depending on how much food you’re preparing) and voila, instead lunch or dinner. It works really well with venison, because the moisture helps the meat retain its rich, juicy flavor.”

The CanCooker really is pretty doggone foolproof. Just remember to include at least 12 ounces of liquid and the stainless steel rack in the bottom, to give the liquid some space so it can heat, condense and be returned to the meat and vegetables via the uniquely shaped top.

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