Our Editors’ and Writers’ Top Deer Hunting Gear Picks For 2013

We’ve offered some of our selections for the best deer hunting gear for 2013 in the last few weeks, and here are some more picks worth considering!

When you’re hunting, you want top quality hunting gear that works and helps you stay warm, spot game and be successful. Deer & Deer Hunting‘s editors and writers combed the Archery Trade Association and Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade shows in January to come up with some great gear!

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— If you own a Ruger rifle, shotgun or handgun, you must have the Gun Tool: Ruger Edition, designed by Ruger and Real Avid. Eighteen tools provide shooters with everything you need for Ruger’s firearms, including a scope ring blade and tapered pin punch, among others. Need a choke, Torx or Allen wrench? It’s on the Gun Tool. How about a magnetic hex driver or knife? Yep, they’re on there. Great for your work bench or when you travel. $30 See it here now

Moultrie Panoramic 150

Moultrie Panoramic 150

— The Moultrie Panoramic 150 is cutting-edge camera technology. The 8.0 megapixel camera operates in two modes: panoramic and single mode. In panoramic mode, the camera captures three photos from three 50-degree zones (150 degrees of coverage total) and assembles them into one 48:9 extra-wide image. In single mode, the camera’s motion sensors detect movement and then silently and robotically rotate the lens to capture single 16:9 wide-screen photos and videos. Very Orwellian. $249 See it here now

Nockturnal Crossbow Lighted Nocks offer crossbow enthusiasts super-bright lighted nocks for their favorite game getter. The Nockturnal fits almost every crossbow arrow and has three nock configurations: half-moon, capture and flat. Lithium batteries promise 20 hours of performance. $32.99 for three See it here now

— The Summit Seat-of-the-Pants four-point, full-body, fall arrest harness is ridiculously comfortable, lightweight and stylish. The harness dons effortlessly in a matter of seconds and adjusts with ease. Stretch panels in the shoulder straps allow for ease of movement while eliminating the binding common in other harnesses. The Summit prussic knot and rope lanyard combo is the best in the business. Three models are available. $99 to $149 See it here now

Ozonics— The Ozonics HR-200 features Ozonics’ exclusive GameChanger Technology, which transforms ordinary oxygen into ozone. A quiet fan projects the ozone to where it will bond with scent molecules. The HR-200 mounts above you in a tree or to the fiberglass support rods on the ceiling of your blind and gives you two modes: a boost mode for treestand hunting (where wind is a bigger factor) and a blind or standard mode. It comes with mounting systems for both applications $399 See it here now

Flying Arrow Archery’s radical Toxic broadhead has no moving parts, no O-rings, no clips or set screws, and no flimsy blades. The unique blades are instead circular in design and offer five inches of total cutting surface while being field-point accurate and quiet. You have to see it to truly understand it. $45 See it here now

— This is a great concept for those who want to film their hunts using their smartphone. The iScope adapter fits onto a riflescope or spotting scope, which you can affix your phone. Voila! Now you are looking through the phone’s screen, not the optic itself, and can see the animal being filmed — or aimed at. Way cool! $119 See it here now

— With the Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman, you have one product that cuts trees up to 4 inches in diameter, plus a mallet, tent stake puller and a hatchet with 5-inch blade. This is not a toy but a serious tool that will be behind the seat of my truck every time I head to the woods. $80 See it here now

— Whether for driving or long midday walks to the stand, every deer hunter needs a good pair of sunglasses. Mustang precision glasses from Scheyden Precision Eyewear feature ultra-light titanium frames, silicone nose pieces and hand-ground, mineral-glass lenses. The lenses are six times more scratch-resistant than other premium brands, which results in top-notch optical clarity. $309 See it here now