Proof That Lighted Nocks are Beneficial for Bowhunters

If you’re a bowhunter and ever have wondered whether a shot was a good hit or a miss, then you’re likely not using lighted nocks to help you see what’s going on.

Before you get down from your stand and find your arrow to check for blood, a lighted nock can give you a great visual indication of a hit. Compound bows are so fast that while we may see an arrow punch the ribcage without lighted nocks, they’re definitely a benefit for assurance that you made a good shot.

Most states have approved the use of lighted nocks and a few have not. That’s a shame, because a lighted nock doesn’t give you any advantage when you’re scouting deer, hunting deer or shooting your bow. None.

All a lighted nock does is provide you with an assurance of if and where you hit the deer. If you heard the deer fall then cool, you can go find it. Or the lighted nock gives you a starting point for the blood trail and whether to go or wait. Either way, lighted nocks help deer hunters do one of the most important part of hunting — making the effort to bloodtrail and retrieve our game.

Watch the video above to see how helpful it is to have lighted nocks to follow the shot.

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  1. Rodger

    I don’t understand why they are illegal ANYWHERE! What could the reason be that they are NOT legal!

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