13-Year-Old Takes Big Kansas Whitetail

Phil McAmis sent us this report of a big Kansas whitetail his 13-year-old son,
Zachary, took recently. Phil reports:

“My son and I were hunting the edge of a CRP field. We had many
trail cam pictures of a big main frame 10 pointer that my son named “split.” On this
day we began seeing a lot of does and a small buck, but all were going the wrong way.
Then we saw “split” — he too was walking the wrong way so I told my son Zachary to
get out of the ladder stand and crawl up to the edge of the field and tuck in behind
a small group of bushes to get a better shot at the deer. Zachary climbed out of the
stand and crawled about 125 yards to the bushes and waited. The deer did exaclty what
it was supposed to do and followed the same path as the other deer. The buck stepped
out of the CRP and instantly turned toward Zach, but it knew something was up. The
deer began stomping and shaking its antlers; Zach shot and the bullet found its mark
at 45 yards. The deer rocked back on its rear legs, lunged forward and ran back into
the CRP 35 yards away and piled up. Then it was nothing but smiles and tears for my
son. Never has there been a day when a daddy was so happy!  Thanks, Phil McAmis”

Great story, Phil! And congratulations to Zachary on one mighty fine buck!