D&DH Web Pro Staffer Scores with Rage

by D&DH Web Pro Staffer Jerry Ciuk:

I went out to the woods at 3:34 and was in my stand well before 4pm on Thursday, the
30th of Oct. At 6:06 pm, the buck came walking in from the south; he was headed down
a trail that went into a bedding area. He stepped right into my shooting lane and
I made a great shot on him.  He ran 21 yards before falling over. I was using
the Rage 2-blade broadheads and was very pleased with the result. After getting the
deer home I took a tape measure and put it on the hole: over 3 inches! Hours and hours
of sitting on a stand paid off for a hunter who gave his all that night.

Jerry Ciuk
Michigan Web Pro Staff

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  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    what up, nice blog. but dont forget at farmer daves during the rut, i got a monster in my sightsPosted by: kyle, jerrys brother

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