Early Giant

My season started in July, when I cruised around my hunting area at dusk and glassed the beanfields. I noticed a lot of heavy activity where I wanted to hang my tree stand for the upcoming season, so the following week, I persuaded my wife Kari to come along and help. We went out to the tree line where I wanted to set up. On the way, we jumped several deer that were bedded nearby.

It took about a half-hour in 90-degree heat and mosquitoes to hang my stand. My wife was there for moral support, and she enjoyed watching the process. After I hung the stand, we drove around the property and saw the bachelor group of bucks we initially jumped going back into the area.

One buck I recognized was the dandy I had seen the year before. I had trail camera pictures of him. In 2005, he was a huge 9-point with multiple stickers. In 2006, he was an 11-pointer with additional sticker points. My wife and I watched him for about 15 minutes, and I told her that he was the deer I was after this season.

After hanging my stand, I started keeping an eye on the area. I got great videos of the buck feeding in nearby beanfields, so I knew he was in the area.

The season couldn