Four-Year Quest Ends with Huge Kansas Buck

The White brothers from Kansas are persistent, if they’re anything. According
to a story in the Whichita
, they pursued one buck for four years and said it was the smartest whitetail
they had ever encountered:

“From 2005 to 2007, the White brothers doggedly hunted a buck called ‘Big Nine.’

Luckily they didn’t get him until this week.

‘Last year he was a 160-class deer and this year he’s a 200,’ Scott White said.

Monday evening, White made a 30-yard shot on the 11-point buck that’s expected to
eventually net about 185 inches, after grossing 200 7/8.

That’s about one-tenth of an inch per hour the Whites annually invest in their passion
for big whitetails.

Brothers Scott, Nick and Matt White are usually in a stand every day of Kansas’ bow
season until they’ve all killed trophies.”

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