Girls Do Hunt

My parents got my lifetime hunting license for me when I was just 5 years old and I go hunting every chance I get.  I hunt deer, turkey, rabbit, dove and duck.  I am not sure which I like the best.  I enjoy hunting all of the different animals.

I have killed a total of nine deer in the past three years. Six were doe, one button head, one spike and one three pointer.  Along with my deer, I have shot a pig, seven flying doves and two flying ducks.

I am still trying to shoot a turkey and a rabbit.

It is very exciting to hunt. I have a lot of family and friends who support my hobby. My dad’s friend Lonny Elder always puts me in the “Draw Hunts.” I have got to go on 5 different draw hunts. Those hunts are very fun.

I hunt with a Muzzleloader (which belongs to my dad) my papaw Jerry’s Ruger 243 Rifle, and I have my very own Benelli shotgun.  My favorite to use is the Muzzleloader.  It has a shorter stock compared to the rifle and it’s easier to see through the scope — however, the rifle is better to shoot longer distance and of course the shotgun is perfect for all flying animals. Either way, they are all used to hunt and shoot my animals.

If for some reason you still don’t think girls hunt, here are some more details.  My dad — Tony Lewis — is my main hunting buddy. He has been a hunting man ever since he was younger than me. 

He teaches me all he knows about animals, nature (and that is a lot) and of course the most IMPORTANT—being a safe hunter. 

Being a working man, sometimes dad does not get to go so I have a backup.  His name is Ty Colfelt.  Upon being my dad’s friend, Ty always finds time to take me when dad is working.

Dad and Ty always get so excited and say the same little sayings when the deer show up.  The saying is always SHHH — take a deep breath, let some out, wait till the deer is broadsided and SHOOT. 

Then the excitement begins with my proud hunting buddies because, I again shot and killed the animal. 

We always take the animal up to our friend Lonny’s to clean, cut and dispose of the remains.  We do not ever shoot an animal and just leave it laying.

Sometimes we have to look for the animal after I shoot it but Lonny is the best around for that job. No matter what time it is or how cold it is, He is always ready and willing to lend a hand.

A lot of my family and friends ask me, if the animal looked up at me and gave me sad eyes, could I still shoot? Well, can you guess, UH YEA…of course I would. Look or no look that animal is as good as dinner.

I just went over some things I have experienced with my hunting life as being a girl, but what I am getting at is most boys say “girls don’t hunt,” some even say girls don’t know how to shoot a gun.

Just to let them know: they are wrong. I am a proven fact that girls do hunt.

Megan Lewis is a ten-year-old student from Decatur, Tenessee. The above article was also delivered as a speech to Megan’s 4-H club.