Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…

D&DH Web Pro Staffer Chris Kleist shared some good news of his family’s Wisconsin
gun deer hunt. Writes Chris:

dad’s farm has been real slow gun hunting the last 7 or 8 years and I  officially
gave up gun hunting there a couple years ago. My dad has stayed resilient though,
sticking it out, even though he hasn’t shot a deer in several seasons. Opening day
all morning showed no activity, until about 10:30 a.m.. Dad was hunting a field of
tall grass that sits between the crop fields and a small patch of woods. A group of
roughly 30 deer came running through the fields right for his hay bale blind. His
shotgun is outfitted with a smooth bore bird barrel and fed with plain rifled slugs
for deer hunting; he forgot to take his plug out from duck season, and so could only
load three shells. As the group approached running through the fields, he used his
only three shots to drop three mature does, all perfect vital shots. Then he fumbled
in his pocket to get more shells, which for some reason weren’t even out of the box
yet. He managed to get two more shells in his gun, shot another doe, and his final
shot was a 156-inch four-and-a-half-year-old bruiser. The only bad thing that happened
was the OTHER 150-inch buck got away!

“I really had to hand it to my dad, sticking it out through all the years of poor
hunting, and even sticking with the ol’ smooth bore, open sight shotgun and still
being able to take down five mature animals in less than 30 seconds, with a reload
to boot. Those will be some great pictures when we get them back. The buck is the
biggest buck he has ever shot, and he is 56 years old and has hunted his whole life.
On top of all that, he actually ended up giving the buck to his hunting buddy. His
buddy has never shot a deer in his life, but actually made the “final” shot on the
buck. Though my dad’s shot was right through the lungs, the buck was able to make
it another 60 yards to his buddy’s stand, where he shot to put it down. My dad’s friend
was so excited, my dad took some pictures with the deer and then let his friend tag
and officially claim it.”