Hunter Scores on Buck He Hasn’t Seen Since 2009

by Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor

File this one under the “you just have to have faith” file. Wisconsin’s Dean Barth
got the trail camera of this buck in 2009, and actually could have shot the deer during
archery season that fall. He decided to pass on it, hoping it would really blossom
this year.

“I had three encounters with him in ’09 and choose to pass on him all three times
due to his broken main beam on his left side,” Dean said. “A few of my friends called
me crazy for passing on that deer ‘because someone else is going to kill him anyway.’

“So the 2009 gun season goes by, and no more pictures, and I was thinking my friends
were right. Then this summer I got a pic of him in our food plot in late July (the
only picture of him this year).”

You can probably guess the rest. This past Sunday, at 6 p.m., Dean is sitting in his
favorite tree stand and guess what appears? “He was feeding on acorns and offered
a clean shot at 45 yards. The rest is history,” Dean reports. The buck gross-scored
163-3/8 P&Y.

Congrats, Dean!


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