Hunter Gets Lucky Twice

On Nov. 18, 2008 I headed into public hunting land before sun-up with three friends to bow hunt.

I saw three different bucks chasing does the prior week and a half and so I knew the rutt was in full swing. Three of us had marked trees on a prior scouting trip.

Since we were also with another hunter who didn’t have a tree marked and was less experienced, I sent him to my marked location. I walked to the other side of the power-line-clearing and headed about 150 yards into the woods. I shined my light at the trees and found one that would fit my stand.

At about 8:00 am I saw a doe back at the edge of the power-lines feeding and was wandering if I should have stayed near the edge. At 8:20 two big rack bucks chased a doe out in front of me at about 70 yards. The bigger bodied buck started making a scrape.

Dirt was flying as if he was a bull getting ready to charge the caped matador. The two bucks locked antlers and went at it. While they were fighting other deer started pouring over a ridge just to my right. There were at least six bucks and a couple doe.

All at once the deer snorted and took off to my left. I thought they had winded me at first. They circled the two bucks that were fighting twice before stopping to continue to watch. I was amazed. The larger buck chased the smaller one off. All of the deer were still out in front of me spread out about 100 yards. They appeared to be waiting to see what was going to happen next.

I hit my grunt tube and the big buck turned its head. I figured he wouldn’t leave the doe, but as luck would have it, he picked up that doe and chased it right towards me. They stopped 30 yards from the tree I was in, and the buck mounted the doe. That was the opportunity I needed to draw my bow. I was so excited by what I had just witnessed, twice I knocked the arrow off my string.

By the time I finally drew my arrow correctly, the buck was off the doe and just standing a few feet behind it. I put my 30-yard pin on the buck and let it fly. I saw the arrow went low and the deer didn’t even flinch. I thought I missed so I quickly loaded another arrow and drew back again.

As I was looking through my peep sight I could see the blood pouring out. There was no need for a second shot, as I didn’t miss after all. The buck took about two steps and fell over. I radioed my friends and let them know I had a good eight point down and then summoned some other friends to help me cart the deer out.

Even if I had never got a shot that day, just getting the chance to watch that scene play out, made my season.