Hunting Couple Shares B&C Moment

by Michael Schoblaska, F+W Outdoors Intern

Kyle Wiskirchen, 24, and his girlfriend, Lauren Schultz, were sitting together in
a tree stand in central Wisconsin yesterday afternoon overlooking a food plot Kyle
had prepared earlier in the year. They had only been sitting an hour and a half that
afternoon before a 140-class 10-point presented Kyle with a 10-yard shot.

As Kyle waited for the right opportunity to draw his bow back, something happened.
The 10-pointer was unexpectedly alarmed, and before Kyle could get a shot off, the
buck high-tailed it out of the food plot.

Lauren was the first to notice the cause of the 10-pointer’s alarm, and Kyle soon
saw it as well. A 190-class mainframe 10-pointer was still squared up in an aggressive
posture, and was making its way toward the hunters.

The buck made its way through the food plot and stopped at 37 yards offering a slight
quartering-away angle, and Kyle’s arrow struck home. A textbook double-lung shot sent
the buck running, but not far.

After letting the buck sit a while, Kyle, Lauren, and Lauren’s mom returned to take
up the blood trail. The trio was able to follow the trail down a steep hill, at the
bottom of which Kyle saw the glint of an eyeball in his flashlight’s beam. He hollered
in excitement, and took off running toward the deer.

Looking over some trail-camera photos from mid-September, Kyle realized he had captured
this buck a few times on camera, but the pictures weren’t clear and didn’t show just
how magnificent his buck was. With an 18-1/2-inch spread and 26-inch main beams, the
buck rough-scored right at 195 P&Y inches. He believes it will net 190-1/8, after

Having filled his buck tag, Kyle is now focused on helping Lauren bag her first buck
with a bow.

Photos by Jacob Edson, Copyright Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, 2010.



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