Impressive South Dakota Buck

‘Tis the season for photos of big bucks to circulate like wild-fire across the
Internet. We don’t know much about this South Dakota buck, but it does sport a very
palmated rack. It was reportedly shot near Watertown, South Dakota.



One thought on “Impressive South Dakota Buck


    That’s an impressive buck, just because I’m the one who shot it!! It was shot on nov. 12th of 08. He green scored at 187 b&c. the inside spread was 25 1/8 and the biggest circumference was 8 3/4. He was officially scored as an 9 x 11. I got him around the goose lake area. The taxidermy work, unbelievable, was done at TENNIS TAXIDERMY. He looks pretty impressive hanging on my living room wall.Posted by: jeff lantgen

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