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Deer & Deer Hunting TV begins airing the third week of July on NBC Sports. This is our ninth season, and it promises to be our best to date. Show hosts Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks will feature and interview special guests such as Charles Alsheimer and Steve Bartylla, both of whom have spent decades studying and hunting deer.

Show topics include legendary deer camps, public-land hunting strategies, venison preparation tips, and our new, exclusive guides for predicting peak rutting times in the North and South. The first show of Season 9 is about the “Modern Hunter,” appropriately named because of today’s continued changes and evolution of technology, ammunition, firearms, bows, crossbows and gear. It’s a great kickoff to a season loaded with super information about our country’s favorite game animal.

Deer & Deer Hunting TV is the thinking man’s guide to whitetail hunting, teaching, entertaining and informing hunters on proven strategies, hot trends and new equipment.

Deer & Deer Hunting TV airs in primetime on Sundays at 9:30 p.m. Eastern (8:30 p.m. Central), and on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. Eastern (1 p.m. Central) on NBC Sports. Be sure to watch and we hope you enjoy the shows!

Public land bucks often are tougher to pattern and hunt due to the pressure on the land, but some hunters achieve annual success through hard work, woodsmanship and a bit of luck.

Secrets Revealed About Public Land Whitetail Hunting Strategies

Public land hunting is the norm for people across the country, but perfecting the approach can mean the difference between a successful trip and a bad trip. On this week’s Deer & Deer Hunting TV, airing Tuesday on NBC Sports, industry experts offer their advice on the best way to approach hunting on public...


Maximize Your Opportunities When Hunting the Whitetail Rut

Knowing that rutting is on the horizon is like knowing your birthday is right around the corner for a hunter. In this week’s episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV, airing on NBC Sports Outdoors, experts share their thoughts on this year’s Southern rut. For the second year in a row, Deer & Deer...

Anticosti Island is a destination for whitetail deer hunters and biologists studying Bergmann's Rule.

One of the Mysteries of Whitetails Gets a Closer Look on DDH TV

In 1847, German biologist Carl Bergmann illustrated a pattern in which larger-sized species of animals are typically found in colder environments while species of a smaller size reside in warmer areas. This came to be known as Bergmann’s Rule and has been studied, examined and debated for more than 160 years. Generally, whitetail deer...

Food Plot

Learn to Make the Best Food Plots on Deer & Deer Hunting TV

For deer hunters in the field, a mix of good camouflage, cleverly disguised tree stands and scent control are all part of the hunt. For those interested in observing, photographing or hunting deer year round, a well-designed food plot can be the perfect device for aiding and holding deer on your land. In tonight’s...

G Ron Dahlke Buck

How Much Do You Know About Whitetail Deer Behavior, Patterns?

The patterns and behaviors of deer have long been of interest to whitetail deer hunters across the country, from their summer movements when bucks are in bachelor groups and does are dropping fawns to their actions in the autumn rut and survival in winter. In the Deer & Deer Hunting TV episode “Whitetail Behavior,”...

Charlie Alsheimer

Best Deer Hunting Show on TV Nearing 100th Episode Benchmark

Since the show’s premiere in July of 2005, Deer & Deer Hunting TV has established itself as an authority on everything the modern deer hunter could possibly want or need to know to be smarter and more successful. This year, the program will air its 100th episode — the benchmark of true excellence within...

Deer & Deer Hunting TV

Get Ready for DDH TV!

Are you ready for another season of the most acclaimed whitetail program on television? Season 8 of Deer & Deer Hunting Television is geared up and ready to go! The first episode airs this Saturday at 9 a.m EST (8 a.m. CST), on NBC Sports network. From unraveling deer behavior on public lands to...