Deer & Deer Hunting TV

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Deer & Deer Hunting TV begins airing the third week of July on NBC Sports. This is our 10th season, and it promises to be our best to date. Show hosts Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks will feature and interview special guests such as Charles Alsheimer and Steve Bartylla, both of whom have spent decades studying and hunting deer.

Show topics include legendary deer camps, public-land hunting strategies, venison preparation tips, and our new, exclusive guides for predicting peak rutting times in the North and South. The 10th season will cover topics ranging from basic hunting strategy and biology of deer to today’s technology, ammunition, firearms, bows, crossbows and gear. It’s shaping up to be a great season loaded with super information about our country’s favorite game animal.

Deer & Deer Hunting TV is the thinking man’s guide to whitetail hunting, teaching, entertaining and informing hunters on proven strategies, hot trends and new equipment.

Deer & Deer Hunting TV airs in prime time on NBC Sports. New in 2014, viewers can also see the show on Destination America.