Deer Talk Now: Spring Scouting, Moultrie’s Hot Panoramic 150 Camera and More!

Have you done any scouting for deer season this spring?

aMattlyIf not, you better get out there now before everything turns green and deer start moving in different areas. Predictable routes used in the season and immediately afterward, especially if identified now, can help you in a few months when bow season opens.

That’s just a bit of the advice Mike Mattly provides today on Deer Talk Now. Mattly is the communications director for Pradco Outdoor Brands’ hunting division, which includes Summit Treestands, Seat of the Pants fall restraint systems, Knight & Hale, Moultrie Feeders and more.

Deer Talk Now is a one-hour webcast devoted to deer and deer hunting that begins at 12 p.m. Central from Deer & Deer Hunting headquarters in Wisconsin. Deer Talk Now is presented by Mathews, Carbon Express and ICOtec.

This week, hosts Brad Rucks and Brian Lovett of Deer & Deer Hunting discuss with Mattly his thoughts on spring scouting for deer season, the new Moultrie Panoramic 150 game camera, and how deer fared through a pretty rough winter in the Midwest.

The Moultrie Panoramic 150 trail camera is unique because it has a sensor system and three-position shifting lens. When it detects movement, the lens moves silently but quickly and gets the shot. Multiple settings allow for panoramic shots or you can set it for specific locations. It’s jammed with other great features, too. It’s available in for a great price, but in a limited number. Buy It Here Now.

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