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Best New Gloves, Cool Weather Apparel on Deer Talk Now

It’s not too early to start thinking about cold weather apparel for hunting, including gloves and other headgear to keep you warm during those chilly or bone-numbing days. Neal Ash of Huntworth Gear will discuss the Huntworth lineup of apparel and how to stay warmer in the woods on today’s episode of Deer Talk...

Rick Bedar, founder of TenPoint and Wicked Ridge crossbows.

Watch: Hunting Deer with ARs, Crossbows and Handguns

Is there a new breed of deer hunter with today’s growth of crossbows, modern sporting rifles and handguns joining the legion of traditional hunting methods? That’s just one of the topics discussed on the latest Deer Talk Now episode with Mark Sidelinger, who works with several companies including Rock River Arms as well as...


What Are Those Whitetail Deer Behaviors Telling You?

When you’re watching bucks interacting with other bucks in summer bachelor groups, can you figure out what they’re doing out in the field each evening? How about how does act in summer, when they have fawns nearby, versus later in autumn or winter when their young fawns are older? What about when does with...

Travis "T-Bone" Turner with a fine recurve bow buck!

T-Bone Turner Rocks The Stand Today On Deer Talk Now

Travis “T-Bone” Turner sheds some light on his thoughts about archery, bowhunting and more today on Deer Talk Now. Turner joins Deer Talk Now host Brad Rucks for a lively conversation about their love of bowhunting. Deer Talk Now is a 1-hour webcast from Deer & Deer Hunting headquarters in Wisconsin that begins at...