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Bob Robb

Bowhunting Legend Bob Robb Takes Aim On Deer Talk Now

Veteran bow hunter and writer Bob Robb of Arizona will take aim at questions about bows, arrows, shot placement and more this week as the special guest on “Deer Talk Now.” Robb was scheduled for last week’s show but some technical gremlins decided to visit. So he’s graciously agreed to return this week and...


‘Sporting Chef’ Scott Leysath Stirs Up Deer Talk Now

Veteran hunter and wild game chef Scott Leysath of California will take a break from waterfowl hunting this week to be the special guest on “Deer Talk Now.” Leysath is in California filming an episode of his new television show, Dead Meat. The show highlights hunters and anglers who target unusual species including crows,...

Matt McPherson offers three new bows for 2013: the Creed, Monster Chill and Solocam ZXT

Matt McPherson Joins Deer Talk Now This Week!

Matt McPherson, founder of Mathews Archery, will be the special guest Wednesday on Deer Talk Now. McPherson will visit with you and Deer Talk Now hosts Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks of Deer & Deer Hunting on the live, 1-hour live webcast that airs at 12 p.m. Central from Deer & Deer Hunting headquarters....


Adventure Bowhunter Tom Miranda Special Guest on Deer Talk Now

Deer Talk Now will focus on traveling for white-tailed deer and the great variation in whitetail habitats across the country today as we welcome adventure bowhunter Tom Miranda. Miranda is one of the few men to have killed every North American big game animal with a bow and he has hunted whitetails in countless...

Steve Bartylla

Hunt Pre-Rut Bucks on Deer Talk Now!

Veteran hunter and writer Steve Bartylla of Wisconsin will discuss tactics for hunting pre-rut bucks, wary does and more this week on Deer Talk Now. Bartylla will be the special guest on Deer Talk Now this Wednesday, Oct. 10, with hosts Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks of Deer & Deer Hunting! The 1-hour live...

Your questions about deer, hunting, gear and more will be answered this Wednesday on Deer Talk Now!

Your Questions This Week on Deer Talk Now!

You love it and we love your questions that span the gamut, and Wide Open Wednesday is back this week on Deer Talk Now! Deer Talk Now, the live webcast about deer and deer hunting, will focus on your questions during Wednesday’s one-hour show. Your questions will take center stage as Deer & Deer...