SEVR Broadheads Practice Mode Feature

Here is a closer look at the practice-mode locking feature on the new SEVR Broadhead. D+DH Innovation Zone. Season 4. Episode 37.


Whitetail Behavior DVD from Deer & Deer Hunting TV

Whitetail BehaviorDeer & Deer Hunting presents an exclusive look inside the mind of a white-tailed deer throughout all four seasons. View never-before-seen footage of all aspects of whitetail behavior and learn more about how deer see, smell, hear and react to danger. You’ll also learn how and why bucks react to certain stimuli during the rut. Included in this video:

-Practical and comprehensive information on the whitetail’s senses: sight, sound, smell and taste

-Expert analysis on how deer react to danger

-Exclusive video of rutting bucks making rubs, working scrapes, chasing does and battling for supremacy
Insider tips on how and why deer communicate with each other

-Crisp, clear audio of deer vocalizations

All of this will help you better understand how deer behave in real hunting situations and, ultimately, will give you a step up on knowing which tactics you can use to outsmart the biggest buck of your life.