Whitetail Habitat: 4 Ways to Create Low-Impact Hunting

Low-impact deer hunting stands can offer great hunting all season long, although not every property provides the best spots. So you build them. Here are four ways you can improve whitetail habitat for low-impact hunting. Grow ’em Big with Steve Bartylla. Season 4. Episode 14.


Grow ‘em Big is a Deer & Deer Hunting exclusive web show with 26 episodes that airs during the weeks and months leading up to most hunting seasons in North America. Host Steve Bartylla is one of the country’s best-known experts deer habitat management. Bartylla provides in-depth, proven methods for managing deer and local habitat to help fellow whitetail hunters take their land and resident deer population to a higher, more productive level.

This info-packed show provides top-end management techniques that Bartylla has honed during more than 25 years of managing some of North America’s premier deer hunting properties. Bartylla has hunted private and public lands for years, experiencing great success and failure along the way, and offers his deer habitat management wisdom in this show. Other topics include forestry, terrain excavating, treestand setup, fruit orchards, mast plantings, deer hunting tools, and cool- and warm-season food plots for deer.

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Learn How to Improve Your Deer Hunting Land

From creating more cover to adding the right forage with deer food plots, to getting whitetails to move to desired areas, veteran land manager and host of Grow ’em Big, Steve Bartylla, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to deer management and habitat improvement. These are topics certain to raise any hunter’s or property owner’s whitetail and habitat IQ, and are drawn from the expert land manager’s hands-on-experience. Perhaps best of all the concepts Bartylla covers in this vividly illustrated resource can be applied to any property size – from 10 to 1,000 acres. Features include:

• Proven deer and habitat management tactics to attract mature bucks

• In-depth examination of white-tailed deer behavior

• Clear plans of action to initiate habitat- and deer-management strategies

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