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High Tail ready to help with cleaning a deer. (Photo: Viking Solutions)

Unique Deer Hunting Field Dressing Tool Portable, Effective

Viking Solutions has a pretty nifty deer hunting gear item that is worth a look, because it could help you save some time in the field when you’re cleaning a deer before dragging it out. Viking’s High TAIL is a portable, convenient field dressing assistant that makes field dressing quick and easy. If you...


Hot, New Deer Hunting Attractants and Minerals

Learn what’s new with some of the hottest deer hunting attractants and minerals with Jason Campbell from Evolved Harvest. With spring arriving, more hunters are thinking about mineral sites, food plots and planning for the upcoming season. Find out what’s happening on Deer Talk Now so you can be prepared.

New Jersey youth deer hunter

I Could Have Faked my Deer Survey Answers, But Didn’t

Whack! Another deer hit by a vehicle. Deer munching flowers and gardens. Deer getting squirrelly during the breeding season and running through neighborhoods, playgrounds and around town. Deer, basically, being deer, but with a lot of humans around. It’s not a new problem. But some officials in New Jersey are trying to get some...

Stan Potts studies aerial photos religiously and puts boots on the ground to target big bucks.

Potts Pours Over Aerial Photos, Then Kills Giant Bucks

The core premise of the Whitetail SLAM is to travel in search of whitetail hunting opportunities, and to prove that you’ve got the chops to successfully harvest whitetail bucks in vastly different areas. Tom Miranda of the Whitetail SLAM has authored a new book, The Rut Hunters. This Tom Miranda blog features excerpts from the book, which has information from...

Spicy-Sweet Venison Loin

Spicy-Sweet Venison Loin, in a Flash (With Video!)

How many times have you ever heard chefs remind you to not overcook meat or it’ll become dry, chewy and something akin to an inedible boot heel? Yeah? A few times? Maybe your mother or grandmother or Uncle Pitmaster who won’t let anyone near his custom grill has said that. “Don’t overcook it!” you’ll...

Deer telemetry collar

Who’s Tracking These Deer and Why Are They Doing It?

Tracking devices and radio telemetry? Just what or who is keeping up with deer by using all this high-tech gadgetry and why would they be doing that? Students in an Outdoor Adventures course at Blaine High School in Minnesota are tracking animals with radio telemetry devices. They’ve been following squirrels and raccoons so far,...


Deer Seasons Expanded, a Welcome Change for Hunters

At least one state is expanding deer hunting opportunities for the upcoming season, a welcome change for hunters who seem more often these days to hear about limits, cutbacks, restrictions or laws affecting them. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission at its March 27 public hearing approved expanded mule deer seasons in several counties....


Just How Much is Your Deer Hunting Rifle Worth?

Researching gun values just became simpler and more reliable. Now you can use Find Guns, powered by Gun Digest, on your computer or mobile device. Forget Googling secondhand information from Joe Gun Collector to get the latest shaky estimate on how much a used or antique gun or deer rifle is fetching. Find Guns...

Alien Deer

UFO Captured on Game Camera Jacklighting Deer!

Are aliens checking out our white-tailed deer from spaceships at night and then zooming away? One game camera seems to appear to have captured some hunters from outer space doing just that. Rainer and Edith Shattles of Jackson County, Miss., have Moultrie game camera images they can’t identify. No one can, or will, definitively,...


Drones Deemed Unethical, Unsporting for Hunting

Trophies scouted or taken with the assistance of drones/unmanned aerial vehicles are not eligible for entry in Boone and Crockett records. The organization made the announcement March 26. “These highly sophisticated, remote-controlled aircraft have no place in fair-chase hunting,” said Richard Hale, chairman of the Club’s Big Game Records Committee. “The Boone and Crockett...