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Deer on the Bike

A Deer on a Bike: The Untold Story

With more than 6 million views, the now-legendary "Deer on a Bike" video is still getting attention from deer hunters and others who think it's funny, cool, silly, crazy and even a wee bit dangerous. Now you can hear the rest of the story.

VENISON Venison Tater Tot Casserole

The Easiest Venison Recipe You Will Ever Need

My buddy Anthony Campbell loves the outdoors, is an old ink-in-the-blood newspaper guy and like me, doesn’t miss too many meals. He’s the editor of a wonderful small town newspaper that, when I was in college 30 years ago, was part of our “Community News” class studies. It’s the epitome of local, hometown news....

VENISON Guinness Oven Venison Stew

Your St. Patrick’s Day Stew Needs Venison!

When March rolls around and St. Patrick’s Day festivities ramp up, folks think about leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, maybe the Chicago River being dyed green, parades with funny hats, green beer and Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day originated to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick (AD 385-461), who may have dressed in green togs...

BUCK buck 4

The Best Tips for Scent Control and Tree Stand Placement

Ever wonder how some successful hunters seem to find the perfect location for a treestand or blind and always see or kill deer? It’s not just luck. Smart hunters know how to study the terrain, wind conditions and deer movements, and then plan accordingly. They’re also careful about scent control, which has a specific...

GEAR TC Compass Dream Truck Giveaway rifle

Iowa Deer Hunter Gets Surprise of a Lifetime

What if your old pickup truck was beaten, battered and puttering along when you spied a chance to enter a contest to win a new one? That’s exactly what happened with the Thompson/Center Arms “Follow Your Compass” Dream Truck giveaway. Thompson/Center’s cool contest included a custom T/C Compass 2016 Dodge RAM 2500 pickup and a...

Donald Trump Jr. is in the DDH Whitetail Madness bracket contest looking to move to Round 2! Will he make the cut? Only voters can decide who moves on!

Who Will Move on in the DDH Whitetail Madness Bracket?

Former president and adventuring hunter Teddy Roosevelt or Aldo Leopold, considered by many as the father of conservation? Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan or Donald Trump Jr., son of the current President of the United States? Eva Shockey or Mia Anstine or Tiffany or Nicole? Ted Nugent or Kid Rock? Who will...

Turkey hunting 6

Turkey Bonus: Why Do Turkeys Have These Weird Things?

The wild turkey is hailed by many as our nation’s favorite game bird — although waterfowl and upland hunters might have an argument or two about that. Barrels of ink and terabytes of data have been written about the five wild turkey subspecies found from Maine to Mexico, Florida to Washington state. If you’re...

Federal Premium 209 Muzzleloading Primer

Hot Gear: Federal Premium Adds New 209 Primer

Federal Premium Ammunition is pleased to introduce the new 209 Muzzleloading Primer to complement its line of B.O.R. Lock MZ bullets, which ensure a deadly combination of accuracy and downrange devastation. Shipments of the new primers are currently being delivered to dealers. The primer formulation provides superior resistance to moisture and hot, reliable ignition...