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Study: Crossbow Users Aren’t Gun-Hunters

A common belief among traditional bow-hunters is that the majority of crossbow hunters are gun-hunters with no previous bow-hunting experience. That is not true, according to a 2009 survey of new crossbow hunters.

Video: Is This an Ethical Shot?

In a controversial video circulating the web, a man shoots a deer at 1,022 yards. While it appears he killed the deer with one shot, some would question how ethical a shot is at that range.

June 2010 Issue

Has the QDM bubble burst? It's just one of the many intriguing topics up for discussion in the June 2010 issue of Deer & Deer Hunting.

Deer Fat 101

Deer would die during periods of harsh weather and food shortages unless they used fat efficiently. Learn more about this cornerstone of deer survival.

Benefits of Late-Winter Scouting

Many hunters don't begin to scout until spring or summer. Why wait? Late-winter scouting makes tracking much easier, allowing for valuable insights not attainable in warmer months.