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Turkey Season Bonus: The 7 Absolute-Musts for Success This Spring!

Got Birds? If your goal is to shoot a turkey, you’re only going to find success where there are birds — preferably decent numbers of them — to hunt. You can’t call in phantom gobblers. The challenge becomes getting out, finding birds and identifying a good place to hunt, whether it’s public or private...


Turkey Season Bonus: Get the Blind Advantage on Gobblers!

There’s something sacred about roughing it in the turkey woods. I’ll proudly admit, like scores of other hardcore turkey hunters, most of my credentials were earned the hard way — fully exposed to the elements, with my back against a tree and a numb rear end. However, our purist tactics were threatened with the...

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The Story Behind Pat Reeve’s Biggest Buck Ever

Editor’s note: Don’t miss your chance to watch Pat Reeve on Deer Talk Now at noon Central tomorrow! In November 2005, Pat Reeve was already well known in whitetail industry but had just started filming Driven 24/7, which morphed into today’s Driven TV. In one of his first hunts for the new show, Pat...