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Understanding the Importance of Crossbow Nocks

That little piece of plastic on the end of your favorite crossbow arrow may seem unassuming, however the nock plays an important role in safety, accuracy, and consistency with every shot. The nock fits tight into the end of your crossbow arrow and is as important to your arrow as a launchpad is to...

Shooting from a ground blind can have challenges. Hunting feral hogs, if you can, gives you some good practice with a crossbow and ground blind so you'll be ready during deer season.

Don’t Make These Mistakes Shooting from a Ground Blind

Using a treestand or ground blind to hunt out of can provide many benefits to the crossbow hunter. First and foremost, it increases your opportunity to get within shooting distance of game, which in most cases would be 40 to 50 yards or less. The structures also keep us out of sight and provide...