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Hornady Superformance

Turn Up the Heat With Your Deer Rifle Ammo

If you want a little more horsepower from your deer rifle but don’t want to step up to a magnum caliber then Hornady has you covered. Hornady”s Superformance line of ammunition provides a boost in velocity, often 100 to 200 fps better than standard factory ammo. That means better trajectories and more energy, so...

Primos Bloodhunter

Gadgets and Gear for Bloodtrailing Deer

There’s nothing worse than feeling the excitement of shooting a big deer turn to desperation when you lose the wounded animal’s track. More often than not, game is lost because of mistakes made during the excited moments after the shot. It’s important to understand that the hunt doesn’t end successfully when you pull the trigger,...

Crossbow photo

The Crossbow Accessory Guide: Hot Deer Gear for Next Season

From biodegradable arrows to bow cases, here’s a look at all the accessories you need for next fall. Archery hunting is becoming a gear-driven sport, which makes some traditionalists cringe. For gadget guys like me, though, there’s never been a better time to be a bow hunter. I love cruising the aisles at the...