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Guess the Score of this Monster Buck

Monster 10-point whitetail buck.

Here's a fun exercise for today: Take a shot at field-judging this trophy buck.

Here's what D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt had to say:

"I'm not saying that Brad and I are the end-all experts, but here's what...

Huge Deer are in the Eye of the Beholder

Six-point whitetail.

The Facebook post was a definite cause for celebration. One of my friends had just posted a photo of a whitetail buck he had shot this weekend. He had been bowhunting, and shot a beautiful 6-point buck. I was one of the first people...

Earn-a-Buck Out in Wisconsin

 A hunter drags out a mature doe. Photo by Dan SchmidtOne of North America's most effective deer management techniques was kicked to the curb yesterday when Wisconsin lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to prohibit state deer managers to use...

This Young Buck is a Genetic Freak

 Yearling whitetail buck. Photo courtesy of Brad Rucks.

At Deer & Deer Hunting, we have published many articles based off of scientific studies on the merit of "culling" so-called inferior bucks from the herd. Although I personally do not believe...

Blood-Trailing Gut-Shot Deer

 Blood sign. Photo by Chris Hermans

A bullet or arrow through a deer's abdomen is usually referred to as a gut shot. What some hunters don't realize is that not all gut shots are the same. The rumen (stomach) shot is probably...