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Getting ready for bow season yet? (DDH Photo: Alan Clemons)

The Best Tips to Become a Better Bowhunter

Bowhunting for white-tailed deer has witnessed an explosion of interest in the last 20 years. As deer populations have soared and bowhunting gear and tactics have gone mainstream, more deer hunters are picking up the stick and string to chase their favorite quarry. Shoot a bow long enough and you will desire to improve...

The combination of bow, arrow, broadhead, nock, sight and practice help put this fat doe on the ground to get the season started right! (Photo: Dan Schmidt/DDH)

New Rage Broadhead, Nock Live Up to Their Billing

Opening weekend of archery season is in the books here in Wisconsin, and let me be the first to report it was another stellar kickoff for bowhunters here in the central part of the state. I punched my first doe tag last night on a plump nanny that ventured within 25 yards of my...

Boxscores & Beanfield Bucks

The fondest memories of my youth weren't of video games, amusement parks or heated swimming pools. As bland as this might seem, my best memories came from the morning sports page and the 20-acre soybean field across the road from my parents' home.